The young fashion brand “AfroNova” recently hosted a shopping livestream on shopshot. We want to know what their experience was and how they liked it. That’s why we conducted an interview with the women behind AfroNova.

What is AfroNova and who is behind it?

We are Laura and Michelle, the founders of AfroNova. With AfroNova, we express our love for African culture with creative designs with which we create accessories and clothing – since 2017. For us, upholding all kinds of cultures in the world is very important. That’s why we have made it our mission to use the potential of globalization for intercultural exchange and offer a wide range of products suitable for everyone – regardless of skin color, origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

What is special about AfroNova and your products?

Our products are based on authentic fabrics from Ghana and Cameroon and are largely handmade. We combine traditional elements of African culture with modern aspects of fashion, from patterns to creative details. We also do our best to support small, owner-operated businesses, for example by providing micro-loans to such businesses in various African countries. Since 2021, we have been working with Kiva, a non-profit organization that gives financially disadvantaged people a life through crowdfunding loans.

How was your experience with shopshot?

For us, livestream shopping was completely new. When shopshot approached us and asked about a cooperation, we thought about how we could use this opportunity to expand and entertain our existing community. Since the exchange with our customers is extremely important for us, we took the opportunity for an interactive shopping livestream on shopshot.

What did you like most about livestream shopping?

We particularly liked the freedom regarding our show concept. We were able to design our concept for the show completely according to our own ideas and implement it live. In addition, the direct exchange with our community was another important point for us: in online stores, it is often difficult to meet the needs of customers in terms of request and the like. Of course, we also get contacted by interested people on Instagram and co., but being able to answer questions directly live has given us a new sense of connection to our community.

What would you recommend to other brands?

Above all: have fun! The conception of the show doesn’t have to be particularly complex. What’s important is that small brands, in particular, have the opportunity to engage directly with their community during livestream shopping. This makes marketing their own products entertaining and offers added value for everyone involved.

Are you planning another show at shopshot? And what else can we expect?

For sure we will host one or the other livestream on shopshot in the future. We are constantly working on new product lines and look forward to sharing new collections live with our community. So stay tuned and follow AfroNova on shopshot!

Thanks for the interview to Laura & Michelle from AfroNova!

Stay tuned for future shows and in the meantime: check out our app which is live in the Google Play Store and the App Store!

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