Building your own live shopping app without writing one line of code?

white label makes it happen

A multi-vendor live shopping solution

In your own CI and with your own logo

Sell products directly via app

Dear companies,

there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We provide you a fully functional live shopping white label solution for web and as a native app.

in your own branding

with your own logo

just as you like it

Dear shoppers,

local stores from all around the world are made available for you at your fingertip!

Discover shops like being in a shopping mall

Meet retailers like visiting your local stores

Join communities just like meeting friends

Taking the traditional shopping experience to the digital age

Dear retailers,

shopshot is one of the first social platforms fully tailored to the needs of e-commerce

Level up your brand(ing)


Personal customer interaction

Authentic feedback on products


Powerful community building

Amaze new customers


Be discoverable outside your bubble

Engage with the shopshot community

Stand out and provide value

Get streaming in 5 min


No complicated IT integration

Easily connect your existing shop system

Fall in love with our creator apps

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Our Web Dashboard for Retailers is Online!

The time has come! Our dashboard is online - from now on you can create an account as a seller or influencer to manage your products and streams. We want to show you what you can do with the new dashboard: Overview Here you can see an overview of your orders and past...

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shopshot Retailer Interview X Afro Nova

The young fashion brand "AfroNova" recently hosted a shopping livestream on shopshot. We want to know what their experience was and how they liked it. That's why we conducted an interview with the women behind AfroNova. What is AfroNova and who is behind it? We are...

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5 Tips On How To Organise A Shopping Livestream

Live shopping isn't as complicated as it sometimes seems. Our dashboard and Create app allow you, the seller, to start a stream and share your items with your community in minutes. How you can do it? In this post, we'll explain everything you need to know in 5 steps:...

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